Journal Aims

Journal of Responsible Tourism Management (JRTM) is a scholarly journal that aims to advance and disseminate cutting-edge knowledge pertaining to responsible tourism and hospitality based on contemporary issues and cases in Sarawak and any developing destinations locally or internationally. It serves as an avenue to converge the expertise of tourism and hospitality academics, practitioners, government agencies and other stakeholders and provide holistic views, robust findings and practical insights to benefit readers and the community concerned. JRTM is published by Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management, UCSI University and Sarawak Research Society (SRS), supported by Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture (MTAC) Sarawak and Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Kuching which is an effort by United Nations to realise Sustainable Education and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Journal Scope

JRTM welcomes research that includes but not limited to the followings:

Issues or practices pertaining to economic responsibility, socio-cultural responsibility and environmental responsibility;

Responsible behaviour including traveling, respecting different cultures, visiting heritage sites, and making purchase or usage decisions;

Roles of different stakeholders and co-creation of values to realise responsible tourism in a sustainable manner in local contexts;

Policy-making or initiatives to strategise and implement responsible tourism in an organisation, community and country/region.

Journal Policy

JRTM publishes two times per year (January and July). Abstracts and manuscripts must be written in English, and can be submitted via email throughout the year. There is no submission and publication fee for Regular Issue. Arrangement on Special Issue is also welcome.

All manuscripts are subject to strict double-blind peer-review process by scholars of the same fields. Every corresponding author is required to submit the manuscript with a cover letter. Such letter must declare the originality of manuscript, authenticity of data, and non conflict of interest (see JRTM Publishing Ethics). The Editors will review each manuscript first and conduct a similarity check to decide if it is to be sent to the reviewers. The reviewing process will normally take no more than three months. Manuscript that fails to comply with any ethical issues and submission guidelines will be rejected.

All published papers are archived on JRTM’s website to increase its visibility and citations. Updates about JRTM will be posted on JRTM’s Facebook page.

All manuscripts are to be submitted to JRTM Editorial Office at jrtmeditorial@gmail.com. Any queries should be directed to JRTM Editorial Office.

JRTM is published by UCSI University (Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management) and Sarawak Research Society, supported by Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture (MTAC) Sarawak and
RCE (Regional Centre of Expertise) Kuching.