The Case for Mountain Biking in Responsible Tourism Narratives

The global pandemic has accelerated an existing trend of growth in participation in outdoor recreational activities, of which mountain biking is one of the fastest growing segments. Concurrently, responsible tourism began receiving more attention from academics and practitioners began implementing the principles of responsible tourism within organizations. No research has been conducted on the intersection of mountain biking and responsible tourism. This study examines the potential role mountain biking may play as a responsible form of tourism and in the development of responsible tourism destinations. In particular, this study explores some of the principles of responsible tourism and applies them to the results from a tourism impact study for the Super8 Mountain Bike (MTB) Festival held in Taichung, Taiwan in 2020. Limitations to this study and areas of future research are highlighted, while implications for practitioners are also shared.

Keywords: responsible tourism; mountain biking; outdoor recreation; tourism impacts; festivals and events

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