Behave Thyself: Tourists’ Environmentally Responsible Behaviour in the Post-pandemic Era

The world is transitioning from the pandemic to post-pandemic era of COVID-19. Borders are now largely open, and the tourism sector is regaining its vigour. At the same time, concerns about tourism’s impact on the planet have been rising because of the rapid rebound of tourism, with serious environmental catastrophes like climate change increasingly threatening the Earth. The pandemic has indeed magnified a dark side of human behaviour, namely humans’ irresponsible behaviour towards the environment. In this editorial, we review the concept of environmentally responsible behaviour from the tourist’s perspective. It is of utmost importance for all stakeholders in the tourism industry to join forces in cultivating responsible behaviour towards the environment and in doing so, co-create a better and more sustainable place for all life on Earth.

Keywords:  environmentally responsible behaviour, responsible tourism; sustainable tourism, pandemic

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