The Best Practices of Youth in Responsible Tourism: Insights from Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam

Global tourism trends highlight the growing tourism demand for authentic and sustainable tourism experiences. Youths are known to be natural travellers who have made travel an essential part of their lives; they are thus likely keep looking for tourism experiences as they age. In designing future-proof tourism development, however, they are commonly underrepresented or perceived as mere observers in the tourism industry. On the contrary, the heightened demand for innovative and sustainable tourism practices has magnified the potential of youths to be champions of responsible tourism. This paper presents cases of Southeast Asian youths who are engaged in promoting responsible tourism while preserving their local communities’ natural, social, and cultural integrity. In particular, this study offers views on the challenges faced by youths in championing responsible tourism as well as strategies to cultivate responsible youth leaders.

Keywords: responsible tourism, responsible youth leader, Southeast Asia, responsible behaviour, best practices; case study

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