Sustainable Business Development in Sarawak Tourism Sector and Assessing the Impact of Contributing Factors Mediated by Tourism Practices and Initiatives on Business Survival

In a highly competitive business scenario, it is crucial for any industry to ensure its significance in terms of its business sustainability to gain a considerable competitive advantage. While the business sustainability of other industries has been extensively explored, there is a significant gap in determining the sustainability of the tourism industry. The importance of ensuring the sustainability of the tourism industry is observed in a healthy balance between the ecological, cultural, infrastructural, and other human factors of tourism. This paper presents an extensive review of the previous studies exploring the different dimensions of sustainability of the tourism industry. This paper also reviews the various initiatives undertaken by the Sarawak tourism board in establishing the sustainability of the tourism industry. Further, this paper presents the research gap persisting in this domain and highlights the need for a deeper exploration of tourism sustainability in Sarawak. Finally, it presents a comprehensive conclusion of the observations derived from the previous studies and highlights the significance of sustainability of the tourism industry and the role of tourism boards in ensuring the same. The researcher has conducted secondary research on various databases, incluing Emerald Insight, and Google Scholar. The findings of the study revealed that the tourism board’s involvement in creating a favorable destination image for travelers by emphasizing specific tourism attributes like the natural environment, the friendliness of the local communities, safety, hygiene, and etc. as part of their sustainable tourism policy has also positively impacted the sustainability of the tourism industry in Sarawak. In order to encourage sustainable tourism practices and responsible tourist conduct, the tourism board’s involvement in ensuring the conservation of these protected regions is vital.

Keywords: sustainability; tourism sector; Sarawak tourism board; business survival; tourism sector sustainability

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