JRTM – Volume 1 – Issue 1 – January 2021

Responsible Tourism: A New Era of Responsibility?
Joseph M. Cheer, Hiram Ting, Choi-Meng Leong
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.01-01-01
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Promotion of Education for Sustainable Development among Hospitality and Tourism Students: Results and Challenges during COVID-19
Siew-Wei Yeong, Mukvinder Kaur Sandhu, Agnes Mary Toner, Sherrymina Anak Kichin,
Adlin Baizura Ariffin, Ida Anak Ingko
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.01-01-02
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Theme Park Disasters and Crisis Management – New Insights towards a Duty of Care in Responsible Tourism Management
Aaron Tham
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.01-01-03
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The Role of Millennial Tourists in Promoting Responsible Tourism: A Case in Singapore
Jie Min Ho, Kim-Lim Tan
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.01-01-04
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Liwetan, The Boardroom for Managing Horizontal Conflicts in Tourism Village Sustainability
Lenny Yusrini, Nova Eviana, Maeenuddin
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.01-01-05
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A Better Brew: COVID-19 and Sustainable Outcomes for Coffee Tourism in Ali Mountain, Taiwan
Emmanuel Kwame Opoku, Sebrina Mei-jung Wang, Kyrie Eleison Muñoz
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.01-01-06
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Mobility Patterns of International Tourists: Implications for Responsible Urban Tourism
Kaede Sano, Shuichi Nagata, Hiroki Sano, Joseph M. Cheer
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.01-01-07
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