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JRTM – Volume 2 – Issue 2 – July 2022

Behave Thyself: Tourists’ Environmentally Responsible Behaviour in the Post-pandemic Era
Quee-Ling Leong, Ulrike Gretzel, Hiram Ting, Choi-Meng Leong
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-02-01

Environmental Awareness of Tourism and Hospitality (Generation Z) Students
Jennifer Pasion Loverio, Ching-Chen Shen, Li-Hsin Chen
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-02-02

The Influence of Trail Design on the Impacts of Walkers, Mountain Bikers and Multi-use Trail Users: An Environmentally Responsible Approach
Leah C. Stevenson, Anja Pabel, Colin Macgregor, Lisa Law, Jenni A. Judd
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-02-03

Wildlife Tourism: Extending Post-Experience Conservation Engagement Through Interpretive Nonfiction Narratives
Sarah Pye
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-02-04

The Best Practices of Youth in Responsible Tourism: Insights from Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam
Sien Leong Liew, Launnah Ebo Maningo, Aung Si Kyaw, Tummapussorn Athapinyaprapakorn, Lo Thi Tuyet
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-02-05

Spatial Distribution of Accommodation Supply in Osaka City – A Policy Perspective

Kaede Sano, Shuichi Nagata, Hiroki Sano
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-02-06

An Overview of Responsible Tourism in Southeast Asia from the Perspectives of Responsible Youth Leaders

Zheng JiaHui (Hakeema), Nurul Nadiah Binti Ali, Wening Ila Idzatilangi, Oum Sareth, Khun Thet Paing

[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-02-07

A Tourism Biosecurity Destination Planning and Management Model
Domhnall Melly, James Hanrahan
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-02-08

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