JRTM – Volume 2 – Issue 1 – January 2022

Responsible Tourism Management and Community Orientation
Hiram Ting, Lenny Yusrini, Sharon Esther Donny Sita
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-01-01

Everyday Cycling Mobilities and Tourist Behaviour: The Emergence of Cycle Tourism as COVID-Secure Activity
Eiji Ito, Joseph M. Cheer
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-01-02

A Measurement Framework for Socially Sustainable Tourist Behaviour
Jiawei Li, Thi Hong Hai Nguyen, Alastair M. Morrison, J. Andres Coca-Stefaniak
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-01-03

Fake News and Tourism – Whose Responsibility Is It?

Aaron Tham, Shu-Hsing (Ava) Chen
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-01-04

The Case for Mountain Biking in Responsible Tourism Narratives
Hsuan Hsuan Chang, Michael McCreesh
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-01-05

An Outlook on Responsible Tourism in Southeast Asia
Lenny Yusrini, Nhem Sochea, Ann Suwaree Ashton, Ngo Tuyet Diem Khanh, Rasmee Islam, Santi Rahmawati, Veasna Ky, Andrea Le Ta Hoang Nhi, Sharifah Nurafizah Syed Annuar, Hiram Ting
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-01-06

A Mini Review of Museum Literature and Museum Development in Southeast Asia
Siew-Siew Yong, Choi-Meng Leong, Lauannah Ebeo Maningo, Mia Bella R. Fresnido, Muhammad Ashoer
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.02-01-07

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