JRTM – Volume 3 – Issue 2 – July 2023

Scoping Study of Safety of Women Tourists in A Special Context to Safe Tourism Destination for Women Project Initiated in Madhya Pradesh, India
Manoj Kumar Singh, Swati Pramar
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.03-02-01

Balancing Production Chains, Bridging Challenges: The Potentials of Coffee Tourism in Sarawak, Malaysia
Mei-jung Sebrina Wang, Kyrie Eleison Muñoz, Leo Tang, Victor Leong
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.03-02-02

Fermenting Tourism: Look Back to Move Forward
Tracy Berno, Francesc Fusté-Forné
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.03-02-03

The Strategic Management for Community-based Tourism during the Pandemic of COVID 19: A Case Study of Surrounding Communities of Sukhothai Cultural World Heritage Site, Thailand
Sokkim Eat, Patcharin Sirasoonthorn
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.03-02-04

Towards Inclusive Tourism in Vietnam: Addressing Challenges and Advancing Accessibility for All
Tuyen Dai Quang, Hieu Ngoc Pham, Xuan Quynh Thi Nguyen, Minh Nguyet Phan Tran, Mai Anh Thi Pham, Binh Van Duong
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.03-02-05

Future Thinking Through Regenerative Tourism Education in Samoa: Experiential Learning Perspectives with Australian University Students
Phoebe Everingham, Po-Hsin Lai, Loui Berlin, Hannah Bourne, James Casey-Brown, Penny Costaridis, Tracy Doyle, Mitchell Drover, Matthew Jeffrey, Jordan Jensen, Nicholas Joveski, Tileah Kerr, Athea Lesay, Kelly Meredith, Cassandra Monckton, Bailey Myers, Grace Noak, Poppy Rhodes, Brodie Smoother
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.03-02-06

Sustainable Business Development in Sarawak Tourism Sector and Assessing the Impact of Contributing Factors Mediated by Tourism Practices and Initiatives on Business Survival 
Mary Wan Mering
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.03-02-07

Improving Lives and Livelihood through Community Based Rural Tourism
Keith Virgo, Manisha Pande, Pooja Masoor, Dinesh Pande
[Abstract] [Full Article (PDF)] DOI: 10.47263/JRTM.03-02-08

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